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Sindarin is one of the languages that J.R.R Tolkien invented for his Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and is originally based on languages like Finnish and Swedish.

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Wakanda is a small African country ruled by T'Challa, who is the current Black Panther. Wakandan is their writing system. It was created by Hannah Beachler for the awesome 2018 film.

This pin has glitter purple areas!

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Klingon is the quintessential conlang (constructed language), and was created by Marc Okrand for the Star Trek TV show. I do not know how to speak this language, but I'm learning with

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Droid (or Binary) is the language R2 is talking in all the movies! Yes, he is speaking, you just didn't know his language! (I did, I cast Comprehend languages)

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Alienese is a language used in the TV show Futurama. It was an in-joke to see how fast fans could decipher it. There are 2 versions, both using the same letters and numerals. 1 was a simple cipher of English, replacing each letter with a different letter. The second version was much more complicated.


Kryptonian is the language spoken by the Kryptonians from Krypton. Someone is not very good at thinking of names. It used to be just random squiggles when the Superman comics were released, but it was made into a proper conlang when Man of Steel was released.

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Another one of Tolkien's, Cirth is the language used by Dwarves of all sorts. Included in this is the sign that Gandalf marked on Bilbo's door at the beginning of The Hobbit.

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